I Talked with ANAGHA...


Became acquainted with planning a lot of dreams. In those previous dreams, I wanted to remember my school things in my mind. I did not have common sense. I was not aware of it. But as a girl, Vajara's intellect was most likely to be born in society. If a man came home, he would not go near him, no one would have eaten immediately after eating it, no stranger at the street went to Bolval. You have to listen to your mother, to the neighbors, to say that you are not a boy, and you are a girl. When you are young you are childish. If you do not have to go through this kind of sweet talk, then you will not be able to walk, and if you hear it, then it will be better for you. I became aware of such-such thinking.
The book was less educated than college, but friends became more friendly. Move with them and chatting with them. Tell each other in one another and expose them to your best friend by hiding from the world. It never seemed that I would love it. And love will be on the child, the man. That is, the fact that I have started to get closer to the same man who taught me to live longer than my childhood has started. I started thinking about everything I did not want. In exchange for a sweet idea that he should be with me, I have often shared his cot with him.
After that love his heart. Amm .... I can not say love, but in my heart the attraction becomes less and less in me, and in my mind love for him increased more and more. Then I had ever come down from the barbed thoughts and the mountains of dreams. Now I am feeling as if I am now on the edge of the valley of thoughts where we have to break even when we walk. Life will be battered. Then there was a stroke with no one, and I came to a stage where I had to reach the peak of my dream. That's the wedding.
We had thirty-forty years of life left in two and a half letters. They emerge only after getting married. There is only one word to say the rest. After dividing himself with his husband on the first few days in the first few days, he became free of his choice and became free in the society. And sometimes I had an impact on my bondage from childhood when I was not in a bondage. And now I'm going to be the mother of a child. Then on one hand, my world, my husband on one side, my family on one side, and my baby on one side, uplifting all these things, I came here, but my life has been able to climb up the hill of my dreams. My dream has forgotten everything I expected. I can not remember but I can not say but stay in Gayle. The baby in my womb just asked me, "When you do love, I am telling the truth, baby, I love you only.
I love to do my husband But now I will do it for you. Baban asked, then I grew up, would you love me? Because when you did not love me, I would love to come to you.
I do not know how to answer. But I know the answer Which he will not understand. The answer is that, from the very beginning my husband had loved my body and I often tried to give him the mind, but he never thought of taking it as it was his own. You will borrow it for nine months as you come and this mind will always be my heart.

Writer : Ajinkya Arun Bhosale. eng.Translation : Yadnya Patil.

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